Sergio Alfonso is the founder and CEO of Right Route LLC. As a leader in the industry, with over 15 years’ experience, Sergio’s focus has always been on the safety and well-being of student riders. Being fortunate enough to witness the evaluation of the modern-day school bus, Sergio is a firm believer that Right Routes digital solution will help bring any operation and the way buses are labeled, into the 21st century.

Mission statement:

At Right Route, our mission is to optimize student safety through innovative, comprehensive, digital sign solutions.

What we do:

Right Route offers a digital route sign for school districts and bus operators looking to increase student safety by providing a comprehensive bus labeling system.


Each student’s safe bus ride starts with boarding the right school bus. Right Route is designed to give parents and guardians that peace of mind. As technology evolves, industries must evolve alongside it. Help us put an end to an antiquated bus labeling system and improve every student’s overall transportation experience.